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Year of the Yang Earth Dog

Updated: May 25, 2020

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten

that we belong to each other.”

– Mother Teresa

On February 16th we usher in the Chinese New Year and with it the year of the Yang Earth Dog. The vibe of this coming cycle will be more peaceful, calm and stable than the past two years, which for many felt contentious or downright chaotic. This is a good time to take a breath and regroup as tensions begin to soften and an easier, more relaxed energy dominates.

Dogs are practical, honorable and even-tempered. They value logic and truth, and tend to weigh their decisions and make careful choices. While sometimes perceived as stubborn, their diligence, patience, and adherence to rules, helps them to achieve their goals with diplomacy, honesty, and fairness. Dogs are pack animals, putting a spotlight on friendships, relationships, and community. Their reputation for loyalty and faithfulness bodes well for couples and marriage during this time.

This year signals a return to higher principles and seasoned ideals. Reason and justice will dominate, making it a good year for negotiation, arbitration, and compromise. Collaborations and partnerships will flourish and careers have the potential to advance, particularly for those who exhibit altruism and benevolence toward others. Is a good time to pursue new endeavors and plan for the future. Success, however, will be gradual and take resolve due to the more idle energy of this cycle.

Kindness, generosity, and empathy rule in a dog year. People will soften to and be more embracing of others and more willing to open up their social networks. Close friends and family members will spend more time gathering in intimate, comfortable settings. Cooperative movements will rally behind humane pursuits, charities will enjoy more attention, and the “underdog” will have his/her day. A global, cultural or societal shake-up is possible, with a focus on better living standards and more social or economic equality.

The earth dog’s protective, affable energy will give us the space to advance gently in our pursuits with integrity, commitment, and kindness. I wish for all of us to have a prosperous, loving, and peaceful year under the careful watch of our faithful, furry friends!


Information for this post was gathered from the predictions of my insightful teacher, Lillian Pearl Bridges. To read her complete forecast, click HERE

Other sources for this post include:


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