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The Spirit of the Season: A TCM Perspective on Spring

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice." 

- William Jennings Bryan

In the energetic cycle, spring is the season of arousal, awakening, and metamorphosis. Pivoting us from the quiet contemplation of winter to the maximum expression of of summer, spring is the time for us to begin to realize our potential and transform our inspiration into creation. In nature, spring represents the renewal of life - a time for acceleration, action and implementation. With longer, sunnier days ahead, this season provides us the energy and motivation to shed old constructs and bring new ideas to life.

The organ system that rules the spring season is the liver - our 'reservoir of stamina' - providing us the free flowing energy to achieve without limit. Its partner, the gall bladder, gives us the courage to take decisive action so that we can move forward without hesitation. The dominating element is wood, most aptly represented by the trees that remind us to stretch our limbs toward the sun and reach beyond our limitations and perceptions. The spirit of the season - the Hun - is likened to intuition, providing us internal guidance and clarity of vision to design and manifest the lives we choose. 

So what does this mean on lockdown during a global pandemic? Here on the cusp of what should be a time of great expression, reinvention and creation, many of us find ourselves stalled. What can we do? 

Perhaps this extra time for rumination will ultimately help us sharpen our vision (it is 2020 after all). Or maybe this is an opportunity to invent new ways to persist without putting our dreams and goals on hold. We can certainly move our bodies to keep the qi flowing (shout out to @jennyaurthur who's been one of my saving graces). Ideally we can begin to shed some stale beliefs that have been holding us back so that when we can once again move forward, we can do so with clarity and purpose.

Wherever we may find ourselves at this moment, the season's powerful potential persists. How we choose to harness this energy is entirely up to us. 

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May 25, 2020

Good read


May 25, 2020

Great post!

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