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Year of the Pig

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.”

– T.S. Eliot

On February 5th we usher in the Chinese new year and with it the year of the brown earth pig. Nurturing and agreeable, pigs are one of the most likable signs of the zodiac, possessing charisma, grace and the ability to compromise. They represent friendship and family values and are more comfortable close to home, enjoying good food, joyful gatherings, and creature comforts. There is an optimism and enthusiasm inherent in pigs that enhances their social energy and fosters relationships with less conflict and more warmth. They are robust, energetic animals, able to work hard and accomplish great things while still taking time to rest and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Under the pig’s energy, this will be a year for incremental gains, and rewards will come from well-considered, thoughtful action rather than bold impulse. We are advised against financial risk, but rather to work at a steady pace while keeping a low profile. Success can be gained through perseverance, open dialogue, hard work and positivity. The spirit of harmony, tolerance, and understanding will help us in overcoming old wounds, strengthening family ties, and fostering peace and humanitarianism.

There will be fewer, less angry confrontations in the year to come and more affection, patience and healing. Communication will be harmonious and compromise and reconciliation more attainable. The pig is the last sign in the animal zodiac system, bringing an end to the twelve-year cycle, and with it an opportunity to finish long-term projects and address outstanding goals. The energy of this year lends itself to tying up loose ends, working through unresolved issues and letting things come to their natural conclusions. In this period of closure, we are given the space to analyze the effects of past choices and take the necessary time to absorb the lessons learned. I wish for all of us in the lunar new year to take pause, look back on our past with compassion and pride, and clear the decks for the good to come!


Information for this post was gathered from the following sources. Click on the links for more detailed information about the year to come:


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