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Return to the Source: A Fall Reflection

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just as the earth cycles through the seasons, our energy ebbs and flows, prompting us to synchronize with nature’s rhythm and coordinate our actions with the cadence of the world we occupy. The fall season is a transition from abundance and outward exertion to inward consolidation and contemplation. In preparation for our winter slumber, we are asked to evaluate what to retain and what to cast aside before the next creative cycle begins. It is no coincidence that so many of the holidays this time of year focus on self-reflection, inward inventory, acknowledging ends, and embracing new beginnings. With each shedding of our old skin, the opportunity for growth increases.

We can feel the winds of change outside, briskly stirring up what is stale and rootless and clearing the space for a crisp new start. While on the surface things appear to be in a state of decline, this stark new landscape is actually a clean slate, full of untapped potential and endless possibility. As leaves start to whither and return to the earth, we too must turn from superficial distractions and reconnect with our core values and beliefs. This period of introspection marks a return home, asking us to begin the slow process of redefining our goals, reevaluating our choices, and connecting with our inherent talents and pressing ambitions.

Fall is the season of the lung, recipient and envoy of the vital force that keeps us alive and inspired. Each breathe is a new opportunity to receive, discern, and release, creating the tempo with which we live our lives and allowing us to be present, fully participating in every moment and experience. The element associated with fall is metal, illuminator of truth. It retains it’s integrity regardless of the conditions to which it is exposed and unassumingly reveals the elegance and power of simplicity. As we take cue and tune in to our most basic needs, we are given the opportunity for a complete re-set, shedding old beliefs in search of a more resonant truth.

While letting go of the past can be disquieting, it carries the promise of wisdom and insight as we cut the chains of old ideals and begin anew with clear resolve and a fresh sense of purpose. Let us use this precious time to gather our potential, separate out the extraneous and have the courage to become our most magnificent selves.

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