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Eat for the Season: Foods to Help You Keep Your Cool This Summer

Summer has arrived and the heat is on! As with every season, the earth has provided us with a plethora of foods to help us keep cool in the warm months to come. Foods that are available this season naturally contain the properties our bodies need to stay cool and hydrated during the warm months of summer.

Follow these seasonal diet tips to keep your cool when the weather is hot.

1. Clear Heat: Watermelon – It is no coincidence that watermelon is a staple of the summer. For those days when you’ve gotten a little too much sun, watermelon helps to clear heat, replenish fluids, and quench thirst. The rind can also be used to reduce swelling from summer heat.

2. Stay Cool: Mint – In most hot regions, you will notice that mint tea is consumed regularly. Cool and acrid, mint helps to disperse heat and cool the body down – particularly the head. Steeped in tea, mixed into your favorite dishes, or added to salads for a refreshing pop of flavor, mind is a great herb to incorporate into your diet this summer.

3. Hydrate: Coconut Water – There is no part of the coconut I do not love. I’ve even seen the shell used as a bowl – the perfect food! Coconut water is high in potassium and contains natural electrolytes, helping to keep you hydrated. And it’s healthier than your average sports drink. So on the hot days to come, try rotating in some coconut water with your daily water intake.

4. Want a treat? – Throw 1-3 in a blender for a refreshing summer beverage! Or freeze into popsicles. Endless possibilities…

5. Hot & Sluggish? Go Bitter – Foods that are bitter tend to drain and purge, reducing water retention and clearing heat on those hot sticky days. They have the added bonus of reducing anxiety, decreasing agitation, and promoting good sleep. Some examples include: artichoke, asparagus, celery, chicory, dandelion leaf/tea, kale, watercress, rhubarb, oregano, parsley, sage, thyme, and turmeric.

6. Prevent Fluid Loss: Eat Sour – Foods that taste sour have the ability to stabilize and bind, preventing the loss of too much fluid and keeping a harmonious flow to the body. They are also a great go-to if you are feeling stressed or irritable. Some examples include: leeks, tomato, apple, apricots, citrus, berries, grapes, kiwi, plum, pomegranate, coriander, vinegar, and raspberry tea.

With these simple dietary modifications you can beat the heat and have a happy healthy summer!

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