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2015: The Year of the Yin Wood Sheep

The Chinese/Lunar New Year begins on February 19, 2015 on the second new moon after the winter solstice. With each Lunar New Year comes a new cycle of dominant elements and animal energy, and with it a shift in our focus, actions and inclinations. This year we will be closing out the year of the Yang Wood Horse, abundant with action and speedy execution, and welcoming the more tranquil energy of the Yin Wood Sheep (also referred to as goat or ram).

While the Wood element remains prominent, enriching our ability to grow, be inspired and evolve, we shift from Yang to Yin, inviting us to turn it inward and be more deliberate with our actions, clear with our thoughts, and true to our values. By nurturing our creative, intuitive, and emotional selves, we can better perpetuate outer harmony, peaceful relationships, and serve the good of the whole.

The Sheep – sympathetic, gentle and kind – is considered the most feminine of the zodiac animals. Generous, intuitive and patient, the Sheep is a healer, encouraging us to embrace our nature, forgive ourselves for the past, nurture our desires, and work toward positive growth. We are in a great position to improve our quality of life during this time.

As flock animals, sheep are community minded. Teamwork, collaboration, charity, and human connection will be markers for success this year. On a personal level, home, family and social gatherings move to the forefront. More globally, there is a shift toward spirituality, tolerance, reconciliation, and humanitarian efforts.

Let’s embrace the energy of the next year by slowing down, looking inward, and taking care of our selves and of one another!

The following references provided inspiration for this post. For more insight about the Year of the Sheep, check out the following links:

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